Sportsmen who spend dizzying amounts of money for their night's rest

Night rest, it is know, is very important. Even more important when its quality affects the sporting performance of champions.

The Cristiano Ronaldo footballer and the Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamiltonknow this well. Cristiano Ronaldo and some Real Madrid players, for example, rely on a special bed (Hogo Bed) for their night's rest, the cost of which can exceed 40,000 euros.

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, loves to use a super tech mattress cover (worth about 2,500 euros) thanks to which he can significantly improve the quality of his sleep.

Athletes who spend very high amounts to improve their rest
Athletes who spend very high amounts to improve their rest.
The bed from more than 40,000 euros of Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo and also other players rely on a special bed for their rest, the cost of which can exceed 40,000 euros. To produce it handcrafted is a Spanish company and according to some data from the University of Madrid and the University of Granada, it seems that the bed is able to enhance immune function and increase the hormonal response to stress, thus going to positively affect sports performance.
Why the bed costs more than $40,000
In addition to being handcrafted and according to customer needs, the bed is able to create a sort of "bubble" around the resting place and this would protect people from exposure to electromagnetic emissions, canceling the radiation accumulated during the day and thus positively affecting health. After some time after the installation of the bed, it is offered the possibility of carrying out checks that attest to health improvements.
Lewis Hamilton aims for the super tech mattress topper
Lewis Hamilton and other Formula 1 drivers try to improve the quality of their rest by relying on technology even in the bedroom. One of the most popular products is the mattress cover worth about 2,500 euros, able to positively affect both the duration of deep sleep and the quality of overall rest.
Why is the mattress topper so expensive
The mattress topper Eight Sleep Pod has a fluid-based thermoelectric system that can perfectly regulate the right temperature, a sleep monitoring function, has measures that can adapt according to the type of bed and an intelligent alarm. Thanks to constant sleep monitoring it is able to improve sleeping habits.
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