The embarrassing nicknames celebrities had as children

Many people see famous people as gods, but we all had a beginning. Once young stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt or Beyoncé were nothing more than ordinary children with affectionate nicknames.

In this photo gallery we will examine some of these nicknames, which can sometimes be a little embarrassing!

We will find out which celebrities are behind the touching, funny or even embarrassing nicknames they had as children.

Browse through the photo gallery and visit the site to always discover new trivia and gossip about the world of entertainment!

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Snoop Dogg
The nickname "Snoopy" of Calvin Broadus was given to him directly by his mother, who thought her son resembled the dog from Charlie Brown.
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Chris Hemsworth
Christopher had a hard time pronouncing his name when he was little. When he tried, he would say something like "Kiptader". From this word comes the abbreviation "Kip".
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Ed Sheeran
It is said that Ed Sheeran had many nicknames: some are Ginger Jesus and Fire Crotch.
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Daniel Radcliffe
It is said that the actor as a child was particularly thin (and pale-skinned) and for this reason was called "Shrimpy".
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Mariah Carey
The singer was said to be called "Mirage" by classmates and teachers.
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Tom Hardy
It is said that as a child the actor was called Weasel.
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Barack Obama
The former president of the United States of America loved to play basketball, but he was not a great shooter. For this reason he was said to be called "Barry O'Bomber," in his youth.
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It is said that the singer was mocked as a child for her larger-than-usual ears: hence the nickname "Dumbo"
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