Student disappeared in 1976, car found solves years-long mystery

Police in Troup County, Georgia , have identified the remains of Kyle Clinkscales, who disappeared at the age of 22 in January 1976.

Forty-five years after his disappearance, skeletal remains were recovered from the Ford Pinto sunken in 1974 of the Auburn University student, found in a creek in Chambers County, Alabama, in December 2021.

Kyle went missing on Jan. 27, 1976 after leaving the Moose Club in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, where he worked.

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Reconstructing history
His name was Kyle Clinkscales and her was 22 years old at the time. He had last been seen in Georgia on the night of January 27, 1976. After an evening at the bar where he worked he was returning to the campus of Auburn University, USA. He was driving his Ford Pinto but both he and the car had disappeared into thin air.
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The discovery in 2021
The case had been shelved among the many unsolved mysteries of missing persons, but the breakthrough came in December 2021, when someone spotted the remains of a Ford Pinto in a dry creek in Cusseta, Alabama.
photo @SteveGWSB
The Identification
The mind immediately went to the missing 22-year-old boy, but only a lengthy and complex DNA analysis of the few human remains found in the car gave certainty. Last Sunday the local sheriff's office announced that the bones had been associated with Kyle Clinkscales.
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Too many years have passed
Unfortunately, neither the boy's father nor mother lived long enough to know the fate of their son. Although the discovery gave the boy's relatives a grave on which to mourn him, the 22-year-old's cause of death remains unknown.
photo @SteveGWSB
Reasons for death unknown
The condition of the remains made it impossible to determine the reason of the death and will probably never be known at this point. The county sheriff stated: 'Just the fact that we have found him makes me breathe a sigh of relief.
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