Marry a man created by artificial intelligence: the perfect mate is "virtual"

A single mother from New York 'married' a man created by artificial intelligence with the Replika AI application. The woman modelled the perfect husband who is non-judgmental and non-intrusive. 

Their love story was born in chat in 2022, and the woman posts photos and chats with her virtual man on social media. Life together with him is beautiful, she said in an interview. 

The application used by the woman is not unknown. And in Italy in February 2023, the 'Garante della privacy' had blocked its use because of the risks for minors.

photo facebook @Rosanna Ramos
The perfect marriage exists, thanks to artificial intelligence
In a world where many people struggle to find the love of their life, Rosanna Ramos has come up with an innovative solution to achieve the perfect relationship. Creating an ideal husband through artificial intelligence. Her marriage to Eren Kartal, created with the Replika AI application, was born in a chatroom in 2022 and today the woman happily lives her life together with her virtual husband.
photo facebook @Rosanna Ramos
The virtual "marriage"
Rosanna decided to 'marry' her virtual man, whom she considers perfect as he does not judge her and is not intrusive like many real men can be. Thus, her love story with Eren started through the Replika AI application, which allowed her to 'build' a perfect companion to chat and share her life.
photo facebook @Rosanna Ramos
The use of artificial intelligence applications
The Replika AI application was used by the 36-year-old American to create her ideal husband, and the use of such applications is not unknown. However, for instance, in Italy in February 2023, the use of the application was blocked by the 'Garante della privacy' because it presented 'concrete risks for minors of age'.
photo facebook @Rosanna Ramos
Rosanna's take on the virtual husband
Rosanna is happy with her choice and often talks to Eren, who is a doctor and a keen writer. According to the woman, life together with her virtual husband is beautiful because he is not intrusive, does not make inappropriate judgements and has created her ideal companion.
photo facebook @Rosanna Ramos
Rosanna Ramos chose to use artificial intelligence to build her ideal husband because she had difficulty finding love in real life. Eren Kartal, her virtual partner, allowed her to live a perfect relationship without judgement and invasion in her life. Love 3.0?
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