He shows up at the hospital with blue hands, the diagnosis is rather embarrassing

A patient showed up in the emergency room of a Paraguayan hospital with blue hands. And now Dr. Alejandro Ginzo has broken the story on social media. Partly because the boy had no other symptoms and the doctor thought it would not be an easy diagnosis.

The health care provider shared on his social accounts a couple of photos of the boy's hands.

What alarmed the doctor was the fact that he had never seen limbs of such a bluish colour. While the rest of the arm looked perfectly normal. The doctor then decided to reveal how he solved the case.

photo twitter @AleGinzo_MD
We are in Paraguay
When you work in a hospital, you may come across strange cases. But what happened to Dr Alexander Ginzo in Paraguay borders on the unbelievable. And he decided to tell about it on Twitter, even posting pictures of the patient who showed up in the emergency room with blue hands.
photo twitter @AleGinzo_MD
The first diagnosis
The boy had no other symptoms, and the doctor thought the diagnosis would not be easy. Usually such a condition is associated with serious diseases. Such as those related to blood circulation.
photo twitter @AleGinzo_MD
The concern
What alarmed Dr. Alexander Ginzo. The fact that he had rarely seen limbs of such a bluish color while the rest of the arm looked perfectly normal.
photo twitter @AleGinzo_MD
The doctor's initial guesses as to the causes of the boy's blue hands? "Acrocyanosis, probable viral disease, hypothrombinemia thrombosis" -- but after several user comments, the doctor decided to reveal how he solved the clinical case.
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The awkward ending...
"The patient reports that he bought new jeans and constantly used spray alcohol. Specifically, he cleaned his hands with alcohol and then placed them on the new jeans. Result? Blue hands." And the "cure"? "Wash your hands before going to the emergency room."
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