The most absurd requests of VIPs on the plane

In the history of the show there are numerous episodes, real or presumed, concerning strange VIP requests.

Many stars of the show are considered spoiled, many are famous for their absurd requests about particular things to be found in dressing rooms or even on planes, when they need to move in flight.

It does not matter if these stories, in the end, are true: what matters is that they contribute, in some way, to increase the charm of the VIP, to increase the legend.

Actors and singers, preferably Americans, love to be pampered (not all of course) and when they want to be, there is no limit to the imagination in their requests.

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Most absurd VIP requests on the plane
Among the most interesting stories that are told about VIPs, there are those concerning the strange requests that are made by actors and singers and famous people in general. Strange requests that also concern the planes on which they have to board to travel. It is said, for example, that Megan Fox, who is afraid of flying, has to listen to Britney Spears 's songs while on the plane because she would believe that her destiny is not to die while listening to her favorite singer.
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Mariah Carey buy all tickets for a flight
It is said that the singer Mariah Carey, at the time when she was shooting the film "Tennessee", was denied the provision of a private plane for her travels, and that for this reason, she bought all the tickets of an airliner so as not to travel with strangers on board.
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Sharon Stone and baggage that is not checked on the plane
Among the other legends that are told about VIPs, the one about Sharon Stone, who would have become the protagonist of a quarrel at the airport, due to two hand luggage that did not want them to be carried in the cabin.
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Andy Garcia and passion for the curriculum
It is said that the actor is Andy Garcia very meticulous, when it comes to renting a plane for his travels, and that he examines with great care the curriculum of the rental company and the cabin crew.
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Food and puppies for Paris Hilton
It is said that Paris Hilton must have all his favorite foods on board his private plane. These are, in particular, sweets, cane sugar, lobsters and vodka. And on board must never miss his dogs.
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Woody Allen and germ phobia
It is said that the great director Woody Allen has a phobia of germs and that for this reason he prefers to travel by private plane. Before boarding, however, the plane should be completely disinfected.
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