Queen Elizabeth: that hand she never wanted to shake

During her long reign, Queen Elizabeth shook hands with the highest dignitaries and authorities from around the world. From numerous US presidents over the decades, to famous actors, singers, show biz personalities and above all Pope John Paul II. But no handshake and knighthood for Mick Jagger. 

An anti-establishment guy like many to whom the late Queen had shaken hands instead. 

Yet for the legend and leader of the Rolling Stone nothing to do. And there's a reason for that. The Queen seems to have had some personal reasons behind her distaste, as she disapproved of Jagger's close relationship with his sister, Princess Margaret.

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The queen could not stand Mick Jagger
Everybody's friend except Mick Jagger. No handshake and knighthood for the Rolling Stone leader from Queen Elizabeth during his long reign.
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That no from Queen Elizabeth
Becoming a Knight of the Queen, under the title of Sir, is a very high honour in Britain. But when it was Mick Jagger's turn, Queen Elizabeth II just couldn't stand him.
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Mick Jagger and the princess Margaret
According to the British media, the much-discussed relationship between Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, was considered an impertinence on the part of the Stones' rebel rocker.
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Mick Jagger knight thanks to Prince Charles
He ended up being remedied by Charles, who in 2003 knighted him to the queen's great frustration. And of Keith Richards.
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That touching tweet at the Queen's death
Ironically, the tweet written by Jagger on Elizabeth's death is one of the most touching. 'All my life Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has always been there. I remember her as a beautiful young woman to the nation's beloved grandmother. My deepest affection goes out to the Royal Family".
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