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13/03/2023 14:03

Royal Family: the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton visits the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards

An icon of style especially in the United Kingdom, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, consort of the heir to the throne William Mountbatten-Windsor, is famous for her commitment to social work, as Lady Diana Spencer was before her, but she is also very attentive to her institutional duties.

Much loved for the simplicity and care she conveys in her gestures, on March 8 she paid a visit to the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards, her first official visit since receiving the ranks of colonel (on Dec. 22, honorary colonel of the Irish Guards). Kate participated in an exercise involving technical support to battlefield casualties and assistance to wounded soldiers on the snowy plain of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Removing the glamourous clothes she usually wears, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have risen to the occasion, at least judging from these images.