Caught a red carp of monstrous size, she is "The Carrot"

During a fishing session in France, a British man caught a monstrous-sized carp nicknamed "The Carrot", which weighed over 30 kg.

Andy Hackett, 42, caught her in Bluewater Lakes in the Champagne region of France. It took 25 minutes to bring ashore the giant carp, a female specimen that had been thrown into the lake 20 years ago. Since then it has grown amazingly, until it reaches its current weight.

The carp, nicknamed "The Carrot", was then released into the waters of Lake French after being caught.

Facebook photo/Bluewater Lakes
The Carrot
A British entrepreneur, Andy Hackett, has managed to catch what many say can be called the largest goldfish in the world. The carp is nicknamed "The Carrot", the carrot.
Facebook photo/Bluewater Lakes
The discovery in France
The monstrous carp was caught inBlueWater Lakes in  the Champagne region of France, a complex where enthusiasts gather for sport fishing trips. 
Facebook photo/Bluewater Lakes
Over 30 kg of weight
The carp at the time of capture weighed more than 30 kg and had been thrown into the lake French 20 years ago.
Facebook photo/Bluewater Lakes
The species of carp
No one had ever been able to fish "The Carrot", but Andy was certain it existed. It is a hybrid species of leather carp and koi carp, fish that are usually found in ponds.
Facebook photo/Bluewater Lakes
Released into the lake
Fisherman Andy Hackett then released "The Carrot" into Lake French, where he will continue his life.
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