Paris Hilton in tears: a sad loss after 23 years of love

Paris Hilton announced on Instagram the passing of her dog, a Chihuahua who shared the celebrity's life for 23 years. 

In a moving message, Paris described her furry friend as family and a loyal friend who accompanied her every step of the way. The dog had been an icon, a little ball of love that Paris loved unconditionally. 

Now that she is gone, Paris Hilton has promised that her footprints in her life will never fade, while the little angel will live forever in her memories and in her heart.

photo instagram @parishilton
Goodbye to Paris Hilton's dog
Paris Hilton announced on Instagram the death of her little dog who accompanied her for 23 years of her life. A dog that gave her so much affection, loyalty and unforgettable moments.
photo instagram @parishilton
An heartwarming farewell
Paris Hilton expressed her sadness and immense grief at the loss of her beloved pet. The dog was for her a valuable family figure and loyal friend, who supported her through every event in life.
photo instagram @parishilton
The dog of a lifetime
The businesswoman then wished to recall the beautiful and iconic life of the dog, a little ball of love that lit up every corner of her life.
photo instagram @parishilton
It all started in Tokyo, Japan
An iconic life. Paris Hilton had adopted her dog during a trip to Tokyo.
photo instagram @parishilton
A sweet farewell for a faithful little angel
Paris Hilton thanked her beloved dog for blessing her with unconditional love all these years. "This is a sweet farewell for a loyal little angel and the story of a 23-year long happy friendship that I will never forget."
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