Fashion: 5 interesting facts you may not know

Do you like fashion?

In this photo gallery we will tell you some interesting facts about some clothing items or brands.

Some clothing items have their own special history, or owe their name to a city for some special reason.

But what is fashion? This term is often related to the way of dressing.

Fashion, also called, historically, costume, arose only in part from the survival-related human need to cover oneself with fabrics, skins or materials worked to be worn. After prehistory, dress also assumed precise social functions, designed to distinguish different classes and priestly, administrative and military duties.

Let's look together at some interesting facts about fashion!

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Do you know how long it takes to make a bag from Louis Vuitton? About a week.
The term jeans (or blue jeans) is believed to derive directly from the French language words "bleu de Gênes" or "blu di Genova" in Italian. Genoa is the port from which the goods wrapped in this fabric came.
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If all the Havaianas produced to date were arranged in a row in front of each other they would go around the world 50 times.
A woman owns an average of 30 pairs of shoes.
One carat corresponds to about 200 grams.
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