Mom offers $80 to give friends to Down's child, what happens next is extraordinary

Donna Herter, an American mother, offered $80 to local youths to spend time with her son Christian, a 24-year-old with Down syndrome who felt lonely and isolated after graduating from high school.

The Facebook appeal generated thousands of comments, and eventually seven young people volunteered to spend time with Christian.

The initiative generated a wave of affection and solidarity toward the boy, who was named honorary mayor for a day and received gifts from people across the country.

photo Facebook Donna Herter
A proposal for the son
Christian Bowers, a 24-year-old boy with Down syndrome, lives isolated near Rochester, Minnesota. After finishing school, he started constantly asking "where his friends were" and tried to invite everyone to his house to play video games. No longer knowing how to help him, his mother Donna Herter decided to post a message on Facebook offering a fee of 80 dollars (70 euros) to anyone who would agree to spend a few hours with her son.
photo Facebook Donna Herter
The incredible reactions to Donna Herter's post
Donna Herter's post received over 5,000 comments. Donna chose seven boys who now visit Christian once a week in rotation. James Hasting, one of the boys, commented that when he first read the post, it broke his heart because Christian felt he had to pay people to be friends. Hasting works with people with disabilities and is very sensitive to the issue. When he visits Christian, they play video games or watch a movie.
photo Facebook Donna Herter
The surprises for Christian
Donna's post generated a huge wave of affection for Christian. People from all over sent him gifts, he has been invited to hang out with the local fire department and was made honorary mayor of the nearby Wentzville for a day. Now, Christian is excited to talk about life and about what he is doing.
photo Facebook Donna Herter
The importance of social inclusion
This story highlights the importance of social inclusion for people with disabilities. Christian found new friends thanks to this announcement, proving that often very little is needed to make a huge difference. His story is a lesson to us all about the importance of breaking down social barriers and creating a more inclusive world for all.
photo Facebook Donna Herter
A courageous mother
Donna Herter proved to be a courageous mother fighting for her son. She published a Facebook post that generated the affection of many people and brought about a big change in their lives. Her story is an example of how love and authenticity can drive people to act for the good of others.
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