Johnny Depp's girlfriends: all the actor's love stories

Johnny Depp is famously a playboy of the star-system, second perhaps only to womanizers of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio and John Mayer.

The actor has several important relationships behind him (how to forget him alongside Winona Ryder, Kate Moss or the mother of his children Vanessa Paradis, but also many other short-lived flirtations with more or less famous women.

Browse our gallery to discover all the ex-girlfriends of the Hollywood actor!

Did you remember all his love stories?

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All women of Johnny Depp
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Holly Robinson Peete
When he was young, Johnny Depp had a brief flirtation with his 21 Jump Streetco-star, Holly Robinson Peete.
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Sherilyn Fenn
Johnny Depp and Sherilyn Fenn, famous for her role as Audrey Horne in the hit series Twin Peaks, had a history before Johnny became famous.
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Jennifer Grey
The two formed a couple in 1989, but broke up soon after. It is said that they were officially engaged.
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Winona Ryder
The two were planning to get married and Johnny even had the famous word "Winona Forever" tattooed on his arm. But, unfortunately, their relationship ended in 1993.
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Juliette Lewis
After the important affair with Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp began dating actress and singer Juliette Lewis.
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Ellen Barkin
In the mid-90s, Johnny also had a brief relationship with actress Ellen Barkin, nine years older.
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Kate Moss
Another girlfriend of Johnny Depp who has remained in our hearts is obviously Kate Moss. In retrospect, Kate Moss said that no one ever knew how to take care of her like Johnny.
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Vanessa Paradis
After ending his troubled relationship with Kate Moss, Johnny stabilized his love life with the singer French Vanessa Paradis. The two never married, but theirs was a long love. The two seemed to complement each other, so much so that their union gave birth Lily-Rose (1999) and Jack (2002). After 14 years of relationship, they separated.
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Amber Heard
According to gossip, one of the reasons why Johnny and Vanessa said goodbye was the entry of Amber Heard, his co-star in the film The Rhum Diary.  The actor was so lost to the beautiful actress that he dedicated a beach to her on his private island in the Bahamas, where he married her in 2015. Again, the relationship did not last: after just 15 months as husband and wife, the two divorced abruptly following allegations of Amber's domestic violence.
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