The five highest-paid influencers in the world

The influencer are bloggers, videomakers, photographers, content creators, YouTubers, Instagrammers who regularly produce content and post it on their channels (sites, social networks, blogs ...).

Then interacting with their followers through comments on posts, via chat, with tweet, etc.

Usually each influencer deals with and specializes in a specific sector: fashion, food, beauty, gaming, travel, design, auto, moto, yachting, lifestyle, wellness, etc.

Today the two most used platforms for theinfluencer marketing are Instagram and Tiktok.

Below is a list of some of the highest paid influencers in the world.

Getty Images
Selena Gomez
5) The famous singer and actress has 358 million followers and earns 1.46 million per post
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Kylie Jenner
4) The influencer has 373 million followers on Instagram and earns 1.52 million per post
Getty Images
Ariana Grande
3) The singer with 340 million followers earns 1.55 million per post
Getty Images
Dwayne Jhonson
2) The former wrestler, now movie star, has 349 million followers on Instagram and earns 1.58 million per post
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Cristiano Ronaldo
1) With more than 500 million, the soccer star earns $1.6 million per post
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