Five interesting facts you may not have known about Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is undoubtedly one of the most famous and respected actors on the international film scene. 

Thanks to his extraordinary versatility and his ability to play complex and multifaceted characters, De Niro has managed to win over audiences and critics alike, becoming a true Hollywood icon. 

But not everyone knows that behind his successful career lie some interesting curiosities. In this article, we explore five interesting facts about Robert De Niro's life and career that you might not have known.

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Five interesting facts you may not have known about Robert De Niro
A passionate art collector: Robert De Niro is a great art enthusiast, and is known to be a collector of contemporary artworks. He also founded Tribeca Film Center at New York, which hosts art exhibitions.
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A university professor
De Niro has a great passion for film and art in general, and founded the Tribeca Film Institute. In addition, he is an honorary professor at the University of New York, where he teaches filmmaking.
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An amateur boxer
Many people do not know that Robert De Niro boxed as a young man, and even won some amateur fights.
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His passion for music
De Niro has a great passion for music, and has even starred in some music videos, such as the one for Michael Jackson's song 'Bad'.
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A successful restaurateur
De Niro is one of the owners of the famous Japanese restaurant 'Nobu', which has branches all over the world and serves Japanese fusion cuisine.
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