The most famous sisters in the film world

Many famous people have siblings who walk or attempt to walk in the same career as them.

In the film world, there are famous sisters who both act as actresses. Here are some couples for example.

Browse the gallery to discover famous sisters who both do actresses and have distinguished themselves in the world of entertainment, from television to the silver screen

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The Fanning sisters
Dakota Fanning, class of 1994, starred at only 11 years old in the science fiction film "War of the Worlds" and then starred in the trilogy of "Twilight", "Franny" and "American Pastoral". She has also participated in several TV series. Her younger sister Elle, class of 1998, starred in "Super 8" and "Somewhere".
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The Delevigne sisters
Poppy Delevigne acted in "I love Radio Rock" and "Perfect", her younger sister Cara, since she stopped modeling she has acted in "Suicide Squad", "City of Paper," "Anna Karenina".
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The sisters Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel became famous with the series "New Girl" and then worked in the movies in such films as "Almost Famous," "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "(500) Days Together," "Rock the Kasbah". Her older sister Emily, on the other hand, starred in the series "Bones" and in the films "Glory Road", "Spider-Man 2", "Return to Cold Mountain".
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The Olsen sisters
The American twins, born in 1986, started working in fashion, advertising, television and film at a very young age. Elizabeth Olsen remember her as Scarlet Witch.
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The Cruz sisters
Penelope Cruz is a superstar, and her sister Monica sought ways to emulate her. But she has not succeeded. After the debut telenovela, "Paso Adelante", the little one of the house jumped to film honors for replacing her sister in some scenes in "Pirates of the Caribbean" in 2011 when Penelope was pregnant (the two look so much alike).
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The Arquette sisters
Rosanna Lauren Arquette starred in many films from 1979 to 2014, including "Desperately Seeking Susan," "Pulp Fiction", "Draft Day". Patricia Arquette, former wife of Nicolas Cage, she starred in equally important films from 1987 to 2014, such as "Ed Wood", "Lost Roads" and "Boyhood", for which she won an Oscar for best supporting actress.
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