Bad surprise for Wanda Nara, a move that she did not expect

Wanda Nara "unemployed" and without salary, Icardi has removed her from the role of agent. This is the news reverberating in the world of soccer. The footballer in addition to relieving her of her role as a prosecutor would not have passed her the agreed commission after her transfer to Galatasaray in Turkey. The Argentine star couple did not manage to break up without running into the most classic pathos worthy of popular South American soaps. After telling each other everything on social media as well as gossip magazines, the story between the two is enriched with a new backstory. After 30 days away from home, Wanda Nara returned to Turkey to hug her children again, but about Mauro Icardi no comment. He, on the other hand, yes would have reacted. The first move would be to dismiss him from his role as agent.

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Wanda Nara "fired"
Wanda Nara "unemployed" and without salary. Her husband and soccer player Mauro Icardi has removed her from her role as his agent. The soccer player reportedly sacked his agent after she was caught in bed with rapper L-Gante.
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A good tripping
Icardi, in addition to relieving Wanda nara of her role as prosecutor, allegedly did not pass on the agreed commission to her after his transfer to Galatasaray in Turkey.
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Blocked check
Indeed, it appears that Mauro Icardi, who switched from Psg to Galatasaray in the summer, has blocked the €1 million check that was due to the showgirl.
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Bad ending
According to Turkish rumors, Wanda Nara sent her proxy invoice to Galatasaray. But Mauro Icardi has reportedly let it be known that he fired her, so her compensation at this point would be illegitimate.
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What will happen?
Wanda Nara, who has acted as the footballer's manager all these years of marriage, must surely have been "speechless." She had said in recent days that she has always done her job well. How will it end?
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