5 celebrities who were discovered in a way you didn't expect

Today we are talking about celebrities.

In particular, in this photogallery, we focus our attention on how some celebrities started their careers.

Most of the celebrities approached the industry in which they later became famous spontaneously, through auditions, auditions, acquaintances.

For these five celebrities, on the other hand, the first contract came in quite peculiar, strange, unusual ways.

Today we want to tell about how these celebrities began their careers: in particular, we focus on the moment that turned their lives around, that moment when someone noticed them and offered them an opportunity.

Browse through the photo gallery to find out more about these celebrities.

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Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson 's life changed in 1989. In that year Anderson was at Vancouver and was a fitness instructor. She attended a British Columbia Lions game wearing a T-shirt of a beer brand that definitely made her fortune. Pamela Anderson was in fact filmed on the big screen and noticed by the producers of the beer brand, who asked her to be a testimonial for the brand. Soon after, her career took off.
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Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford  was a carpenter and because of this he had the opportunity to meet the director George Lucas. Lucas hired him to build cabinets and only later decided to bet on him as an actor.
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Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas 's life was turned upside down when he was only five years old when, while accompanying his mother to the hairdresser, he was heard singing by a talent scout. A short time later his career took off.
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Kate Moss
Kate Moss was discovered when she was only 14 years old. Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Model Management, noticed her on an airplane flight while on vacation with her family.
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Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt dreamed of becoming an actor, but the turning point came--at a restaurant. Pratt was working as a waitress when a director came into the restaurant and noticed him, deciding to give him an opportunity. Well exploited I would say!
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