An artificial intelligence as a girlfriend: talking to her costs a dollar a minute

Caryn Marjorie, an American influencer with almost 2 million followers on Snapchat, has experimented with a new way of relating to her audience. 

An artificial intelligence capable of interacting with fans via voice messages on Telegram for the price of USD 1 per minute. Using technology from Forever Voices, the AI mimics Marjorie's personality and voice, creating a sort of 'virtual girlfriend'.

Trained on over 2,000 hours of the influencer's videos, the AI has already earned, for just 1,000 users, over $76,000 per week.

photo instagram Caryn Marjorie
A virtual doppelganger for her fans
Caryn Marjorie, a well-known American influencer with almost 2 million followers on Snapchat, was the first to experiment with a new way of interacting with followers. Using technology from Forever Voices, she created her own automated version, i.e. an artificial intelligence (AI) that can interact with fans through voice messages on Telegram.
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How AI works
Caryn Marjorie's AI was trained on over 2,000 hours of videos of the influencer herself. This made it possible to create a system capable of replicating the influencer's personality as well as her voice. The way it works is similar to language models such as ChatGPT. The system studies conversations and learns to predict the most likely word, based on human input. There is then another model that transforms that text into voice. The goal, as stated on the official website, is to be a 'virtual girlfriend'.
photo instagram Caryn Marjorie
Apparently, the project was a considerable success, since the number of subscribers would be around 10,000. For a much smaller share, just 1000 users, 'Fortune' estimated a weekly income of over 76 thousand dollars. In short, Caryn Marjorie has managed to turn her popularity into a profitable business.
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The controversy
However, not everyone approves of Caryn Marjorie's use of AI. Indeed, there are those who believe that such a system is a further form of alienation and has a negative effect on the already problematic social life of many people. In any case, this innovation is a new example of how technology can make possible what until recently seemed like science fiction.
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The future of interaction between influencers and fans
Caryn Marjorie's artificial intelligence represents just the beginning of a new era in the interaction between influencers and fans. Thanks to technological developments, it will become increasingly easy for influencers to create virtual 'selves' that can interact with the public and turn their notoriety into an even more lucrative business. It will be interesting to see to what extent this trend will affect people's social life and personal relationships.
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