He orders online gadgets for the nativity scene but receives a package with 10 kg of weed, the incredible story

In San Giorgio a Cremano, in the province of Naples, a man bought some gadgets for his crib on the web but a package arrived at home with a strange surprise.

The contents were 10 kilos of weed.

The man did not hesitate to alert the authorities. The carabinieri, arrived at the house, seized the weed and started investigations in order to trace the sales chain.

The drug was ready to be dosed and sold at retail. The carabinieri will continue the investigations to find out who was waiting for kilos of weed and found father and son in terracotta.

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We are in Italy
The story is one of those between the serious and the ridiculous. It happened in San Giorgio a Cremano in the province of Naples (Italy). A courier reserved a surprise not exactly Christmas to a man who had bought gadgets at a good price on the web for his nativity scene.
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The order in Spain
As reported by AGI (Agenzia Italia) the victim was delivered home from Spain a very heavy package. But the content was not the figurines he had ordered for his nativity scene. Removed the scotch the recipient found a plywood wrapper, a bag of cellophane and weed with an unmistakable smell. Weed. 10 kilos vacuum-packed.
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Ready to be sold
The cannabis had already been refined into weed and ready to be dosed and sold at retail.
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Notified the law enforcement
The frightened man immediately called the carabinieri who immediately proceeded to seize all the contents.
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Investigations open
The investigations were then started who (on the contrary) was waiting for kilos of weed and found the gadgets for the nativity scene.
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