Would you ever say that these stars are about to turn 50?

Time does not seem to pass for Luisa Ranieri that this year will blow out 50 candles. Age does not matter for several celebrities that in 2023 will add a zero to their birthday.

Eva Herzigova joins this list, supermodel who turns 50 on March 10 like her runway partner Heidi Klum, who reaches them on the first of June.

In 2023, some of the biggest stars of our time will celebrate their fiftieth birthday. Some we have known since they were children, others have only recently found fame.

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Eva Herzigova
The Czech supermodel and actress will turn 50 on March 10.
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Heidi Klum
The German supermodel, fashion designer and TV presenter will turn 50 on June 1.
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Jim Parsons
American actor and television producer will turn 50 on March 24.
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Pharrell Williams
American singer-songwriter, musician,  record producer and film  producer will turn 50 on April 5.
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Adrien Brody
American actor and film producer will turn 50 on April 14.
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Juliette Lewis
The American actress and singer will turn 50 on June 21.
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Kate Beckinsale
The British actress will turn 50 on July 26.
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Rose McGowan
The American actress, singer and activist will turn 50 on September 5.
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Neil Patrick Harris
The American actor, comedian, magician and voice actor will turn 50 on June 15.
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